We ain't got much money...ain't got no fancy cars, BUT we got something to say. We wear our hearts on our sleeve (or our shoulder, if you will) and we say the things that need to be said. We're Smart Mouf and we say what we want.

In November of 2015, we launched our first tote, which urged its onlookers to Say Something NICE to a BLACK MAN Today. Here we are, nearly two years later and this phrase still holds the same relevance and impact. Trust us, we have so much more to bring our customers, but we felt the need to let this one simmer a little while longer.

Of course, we'd like for you to don our Say Something Nice tote through the streets of wherever you're from, but more importantly, we hope that you carry on the message...and execute it.

Check back for new SMART MOUF'd slogans! We always have something to say!

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